Why Hot Water Heater Keeps Tripping Main Breaker in Floral Park, NY & Why You Need a Plumber

To help you maintain the consistency of the water temperature, their are thermostat controls on your water heater. Setting the thermostat to 120 degrees Fahrenheit is recommended be most experts. It is not enough to pose a serious scalding hazard, but it is hot enough to ensure the prevention of harmful bacteria growth, making this temperature the most ideal. When the water in your water heater tank overheats due to several issues, the emergency cut off (ECO) will kick in to shut down the appliance completely. The red reset button on the ECO that needs to be pressed is attached to the upper thermostat, and this resets the water heater. A plumber is required for assistance when the ECO is repeatedly tripped by the water heater. The issue is usually caused by a failed component which causes the water in the tank to get dangerously hot. The part needs to be identified and replaced by a pro should any of these parts fail.

Reasons Why Hot Water Heater Keeps Tripping Breaker

We at The Original $49.95 Plumber would like to list a few common culprits to the water heater continually tripping the reset button.
1) A worn heating element. Over time, the heating element will eventually fail. Though it will occasionally develop an electrical short, causing the heating element to receive power even after the thermostat shuts it down. However, the heating element will stop heating altogether.
2) Bad wiring. A loose wiring connection can be impacting another source of heat inside your water heater, especially if the heating elements, thermostats, and ECO are all operating efficiently. If your water heater is suffering from wiring problems and the repairs are necessary, a trained service professional can run diagnostics to determine the source.
3) A water heater faulty thermostat. The water heater is equipped has 2 thermostats, one is at the top, the other is at the bottom of the tank. Either or both of these thermostats can be having problems, causing the water heater to have issues. The temperature of the water and controlling the heating element are the responsibilities of these thermostats. Once the water reaches the set temperature it is the job of the thermostat to shut the heating element. The heating element will run continuously should one or both thermostats become inoperable and when this happens the water in the tank becomes overheated.
4) An ineffective ECO on the water heater. The emergency cut off, or ECO is another part that is susceptible to failure. Spontaneous breakdown, regular wear and tear from repeated overheating, and other similar causes, among others, are just a few sources to making the ECO fail. A professional can replace an ECO switch fairly easy.

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