What Causes Low Water Pressure in the Whole House in Floral Park, NY; Clog in Drain Pipe & More

Being able to jump in your nice warm shower and relax is something that you might take for granted. There is a lot that actually goes into getting water from a secure water source to your bathroom. Just in terms of what you have in your house to get water you have to have plumbing set up. This is piping that has been run from the street to your home and throughout the entire house. The pipes have to slowly change from the larger pipe outside the house to a residential size pipe in the house. You also have a water heater that is full of water. This tank will work hard to keep the water you are using hot. Then you can shower or use appliances that use warm water to function. You may also have chosen to have a water softener that is great if you live in a place that has hard water problems. The issue that some people deal with happens to be with the pressure of the water. There are some common problems that are often the culprit when it comes to decreased water pressure.

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Clogs in the Drain Pipe: There are some pipes that over time can become full of debris and sediment. This is a common cause for problems with your water pressure. The amount of water that you need to pressurize the faucet that you are using fits in that pipe. When the pipe is blocked in any way the water flow is stopped and that means that the water is not able to escape at the proper rate. This may mean that the pipe will need to be cleaned out or even replaced. You can identify the problem by which faucet is not getting the right amount of water flow.
Leak or Water Main Break: If you notice that all the faucets in the house have less pressure you want to be sure that you quickly check for a major leak. The house has pipes that will be running to it and that will send the water needed for the entire house. If one of those pipes underground bursts you will be stuck with no water pressure but also loss of water. You need to identify the problem as soon as possible. The best way to do that is to check the meter to see if the dial is turning even if you are not running any water. Call out a plumber right away.
Low Pressure When Using Lots Of Water: The other problem is actually a temporary one and can be fixed. If you only notice that you have low pressure when you flush the toilet while taking a shower this is a very temporary problem. A plumbing professional can come out and make some changes to the current plumbing fixtures to prevent the problems.

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