Do Liquid Chemical Drain Cleaners Damage Plumbing Pipes, Gaskets & Seals in Douglaston, NY?

When you are experiencing a clogged sink, some homeowners turn to liquid drain cleaners to solve the problem. While this can be effective at times, it carries with it some dangers that homeowners may not be aware of. Before you pour liquid drain cleaner down your clogged drain, you may want to read on and see what the damage caused by these chemicals can leave in their wake. The Original $49.95 Plumber is here to talk about some of the damage you can expect when using liquid drain cleaners.

Why Homeowners Turn to Drain Cleaners

When you are in a pinch and don’t willing to wait for the professional help you need to get your drain cleaned, it is an easy choice to buy drain cleaners from the store. Drain cleaners are also an inexpensive way to clean out your drain; upfront costs anyway. There are many problems caused by drain cleaners that make them the more expensive option though.

Chemicals Found in Drain Cleaners Destroy Pipes & Rubber Gaskets & Seals

There are a couple of ingredients found in over the counter drain cleaner that can cause irreversible damage to rubber as well as pipes. The most common ingredient found in drain cleaner is hydrochloric acid as well as lye or bleach. These toxic chemicals do your plumbing system no favors as they work to get the water flowing again. There is a quite a bit of rubber found throughout your plumbing system in the form of gaskets and seals. When these fail, it can cause leaking that is an even bigger problem than a clogged drain.

Liquid Drain Cleaner Crystallization Problems

Another problem with drain cleaners is that they end up sitting in the pipe much longer than the should. This is especially true for the cleaner that settles in the bottom of the catch and sits there for extended periods of time. These chemicals found in drain cleaners work to weaken pipes and cause cracks and leaks. Drains include a cable that can also sustain damage from drain cleaners as well. These cables are made up of different grades of wire. If your drain cables are made of low grade wire, you could see significant damage the very first time you use drain cleaner. It takes a bit longer for higher grade wire.

Environmental Impact of Liquid Drain Cleaners

Most people gasp at the thought of drinking drain cleaner. The horrible truth is, that when these cleaners are put down the drains, they will eventually make their way into the water supply. When it comes to drain clogs, you are far better off using a professional plumber to help solve the problem so that you aren’t hurting the environment with drain cleaners.

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