What Causes Toilet Not to Flush Completely & How Do You Fix It in Edgemere, NY? Replace Warped Flapper & More

People immediately know there is an issue when the toilet doesn’t flush. We at The Original $49.95 Plumber would like to share the most common issues and what you can do to fix this problem since there are quite a few reasons that can be causing it.

Toilet Clog

Being the most common, it is usually the most obvious. Only flushing waste or toilet paper is critical. When it won’t flush, the first thing you should do is try plunging a toilet. Be sure you are using a flange plunger since the cup will help you create a better seal in the toilet bowl. Should plunging prove to be ineffective, consider investing in drain cleaning services. Clearing out a clog a plunger can’t is done with a professional.

Warped Toilet Flapper

The toilet’s flapper opens and closes whenever you flush, and this allows water to run from the tank into the bowl. When you depress your toilet’s handle, you are actually lifting the flapper. Over time the flapper can bend, or warp because the flapper itself is in contact with moving water all the time. Located at the bottom of the toilet tank is rubber, cup-like fixture, which is called a flapper and to examine the flapper, open the back tank of your toilet. The flapper covers the hole that leads from the tank to the bowl. It should be easy to tell if the flapper is too warped to properly cover the flush tube hole. If it looks warped, broken, or damaged in any way, you will need to replace the flapper. At any hardware, home improvement, or some department stores is where you can be replacement flappers. Remove the chain from the warped flapper and connect the new flapper. Most plumbers can help get the right flapper and get it installed for you if you need to.

Overly Long or Short Chain on Flush Valve

Connected to the chain is the flapper to the toilet handle. When you depress the handle, the chain yanks up the flapper and initiates the toilet’s flush. It will not be capable of yanking up the flapper if the toilet chain be too long. If the flapper doesn’t rise, the toilet doesn’t flush. The flapper won’t close properly, if the chain’s too short, however. When the flapper doesn’t close, the toilet never stops running. You can fix chain problems relatively easily by adjusting the chain’s length. Make sure you do not overextend the direction for the fix while making the adjustments and check the chain and assess if it is too long or short.

Bad Overflow Tube

Located in the tank is the toilet’s overflow tube, and it is next to the refill tube. Overflow tubes help empty water directly into the bowl during a flush. These tubes are not infallible unfortunately. As the toilet’s constant pressing can easily crack as well, damage occurs. If the tube does crack, water will run into it instead of past it. Replace the overflow tube to restore the performance.

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