Why Do Water Pipes Burst in Far Rockaway, NY? How to Prevent Clogged Shower Drains & Plumbing Pipes

When you have a pipe that has burst and it begins flooding inside your home, you may wonder what might have caused the pipe to burst. In investigating a burst pipe, it often doesn’t take too long to determine the cause. Often the location or time of year can help point to the problem. The Original $49.95 Plumber will share some of the common reasons why a pipe will burst.

Can a Clogged Pipe Burst?

Depending on the time of year a pipe can burst due to the cold. If a pipe isn’t insulated properly, ice can form inside the pipes causing a blockage. The pressure from the water is increased to the point the pipe bursts from the inside. However, cold temperatures are only a problem you need to worry about during a winter and doesn’t explain pipes that burst during warm times of the year. One of the most common reasons why a pipe will burst is clogs. Clogs are one of the most common culprits behind a burst pipe. Clogs can occur in the drainage or sewer lines which can lead to a serious problem. When a sewer or drainage pipe burst it can leak inside the home and all of that water waste will contaminate the home. Pipes will burst when there is build up pressure inside the pipe, adding stress to the weakened areas of the pipe. To prevent a pipe from bursting, especially the sewer or drainage pipes, you will want to prevent clogs and recognize the signs of a clog.

How to Prevent Shower, Bathtub & Sink Drain Clogs

The first step to prevent a burst is to prevent a clog. You can prevent clogs by avoiding grease and oily substances from going down your drains. Additionally, cover the drains with a screen to help capture contaminates including hair. Bathtubs and shower drains are notorious for developing clogs due to hair. In your bathtub and showers make sure to have a drain screen to help prevent clogs. It is also recommended to avoid bathing your dogs inside the home. They simply shed off too much hair and much of it goes down the drain even with a drain screen. By preventing clogs you can effectively prevent pipes from bursting.

Signs of a Clogged Drain Pipe

Next you will need to be able to recognize clogs when they occur. The early signs of clogs are when water drains out slowly. You may even hear a gurgling noise coming from the plumbing. You may also notice water rising out of the drain when appliances are running such as the dish washer or laundry washing machine. When you have signs of a clog you can have your sewer and drainage line inspected and cleaned. A plumbing service can come and do a video inspection where they send a camera through the drainage and sewer system. They will look for the site of the clog. This helps to target the clog site. A plumbing service can then determine the best way to clean out the clog.

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When you have signs of a clog do not wait to have the drainage and sewer lines cleaned. A sewer or drainage system is dirty and can contaminate the inside of the home. If you need a video inspection and cleaning, contact The Original &49.95 Plumber today.

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