What Foods are Bad for Garbage Disposals in Spencer Estates, NY? How Do You Unclog a Drain Full of Food?

The garbage disposal is not an all-purpose garbage shoot. With every meal made, there is often food waste generated as well. You will probably want to get rid of any food remnants that can’t be used but not all food can be safely sent down the garbage disposal. Putting the wrong types of food down your disposal may result in you needing costly repairs. We at The Original $49.95 Plumber would like to share a list of foods that may cause damage to your garbage disposal to help you avoid the risk of damaged or clogged drains. Before you end up with an expensive plumbing problem, consider avoiding putting the risky foods below into your garbage disposal.

What is the Problem with Pouring Fats, Oils & Grease Down the Drain?

If you cook a lot, chances are you will have a good amount of grease leftover. It seems that putting oils, fats and grease down the drain would be logical since they are liquid-like, however, because these items will turn solid in your pipes, harmful clogging in your drains can develop. Dispose of the container with your normal garbage after you collect them in a non-recyclable container and let them cool down to properly dispose of these food byproducts.

Stringy Foods Get Stuck in Garbage Disposal Blades

Foods that are string or that are fibrous in nature and can create a lot if misfortune. Since the stringy parts will get tangled in your disposal blades, you can expect jams and malfunctions. Ensure you prevent putting these high-fiber foods in your disposal:
– Potato skins
– Celery
– Corn husks
– Carrot peels
– Asparagus

Pasta, Beans & Nuts Clog a Garbage disposal?

Do not put pasta or beans down your drains to avoid having clogging problems. Because these foods will cause sludge-like sediment to gather in your drains, it may require a drain cleaning service from the professional plumbers at Original $49.95 Plumber. It is best to avoid the following foods in your garbage disposal:
– Pasta expanding in water causes clogs
– Coffee grounds
– Nuts
– Green beans

Animal Waste is Bad for Septic Systems?

After cooking a poultry roast or steak, it is best to not feed the disposal any bones. The bigger bones will get stuck and the smaller bones may impair your garbage disposal. This results in a visit from the professionals at The Original $49.95 Plumber. Eggshells will create blockages within your pipe system that leads to costly repairs. Avoid the following foods from going down the drain:
– Eggshells
– Bones
– Chicken and Turkey Skin

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