What Not to Put Down the Bathroom or Kitchen Sink Drain in East Village, NY; Kitty Litter & More

If you have a mindset that if it fits down the drain then it can go down the drain, then you need to change your way of thinking. Not everything can or should go down the drain. In fact, many things should NOT be put down the drain. The Original $49.95 Plumber is going to help you understand what should not be put down the drain. In hopes that by following these “DO NOT’s” you will not have to call for help to get these items out and your water to continue to drain smoothly.

Do Not Put Items that Absorb Water Down Drain

If you are putting Qtips, cotton balls, make-up pads, or anything made with cotton down your sink drain then you need to stop now. All of these items are going to absorb water rather than break apart when it gets wet. When these items are in your drain they can become wedged in the curves of your home’s drain pipes and create an obstruction. Then when your water is on it cannot flow down through the pipes because the water is now getting backed up by the cotton item.

Home Improvement & Craft Supplies Cannot Go Down the Sink!

If you are doing home projects it may seem easy to just wash things off in the sink. It’s an easy way to clean brushes and buckets, right? Yes, that is true, but washing off things such as Mortar, adhesives, other DIY and craft supplies can cause more problems than you are wanting to have when doing a project. You should never pour anything down the drain that is intended to stick or harden as it dries. Once the water is off and the supplies have time to dry it can dry in your drain causing a solid blockage in your drain.

Grease Should Never Get Poured Down Drain

Pouring grease down your drain may seem harmless. It is a liquid and slippery when cooking but once it cools it will become more solid. If you are constantly doing this, over time grease will start to build up on the pipe walls and start to clog your drain. This will result in the water draining slowly or not at all.

“Flushable” Kitty Litter is Not Safe for Plumbing

When you have flushable kitty litter you would think it can be flushed down the toilet. Well, Flushable kitty litter has clumping properties which can cause it to settle and harden in drains, creating a clog in the drain. If you have a big clump of kitty litter in the toilet the water cannot pass through, making your toilet start to back up.

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If you want to have your water going through your drain and pipes smoothly with no problems, then you will want to follow these tips on what not to put down your drain. Putting these items will only cause problems down the road. One time might seem harmless, but continuing to do this will not end well. If you are having plumbing issues The Original $49.95 Plumber will happily help fix your plumbing problems. Call us today!

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