What is a Drain & Sewer Camera Inspection in Upper East Side, NY? Why are Sewer Scopes for Clogs Worth It?

Minor clogs can be unclogged using hot water, a plunger and other DIY methods. However, there are other clogs that can occur in drain and sewer systems that will require the aid of a professional to remove the clogs. Often clogs can be difficult to locate and know exactly where in the drainage and sewer system the clogs are. When a clog cannot be pinpointed, often a drainage and sewer camera inspection is performed. The Original $49.95 Plumber would like to share some of the more frequently asked questions about sewer camera inspections, and hopefully answer your questions about this service.

What is a Drain & Sewer Camera Inspection?

As the name suggests, a sewer camera inspection uses a camera. A small camera is snaked through the drain and sewer system to look for clogs and other plumbing problems. This newer method of inspecting the plumbing system prevents the need for any guess work. Instead of cutting or doing other invasive plumbing repairs on a guess, the camera can locate the direct site of the problem and help the plumber better determine how to unclog or repair your drainage and sewer system.

Are Sewer Camera Inspections Worth It?

A sewer camera inspection becomes necessary when the problem or location of the clog cannot be determined. Depending on what is clogging the pipes the method as to how the sewer or drainage pipes are treated will vary. If there is a basic clog, like toilet paper or grease, the drainage or sewer system can be unclogged with high pressure water or even air pressure. However, if tree roots have grown into the sewer pipe, you will need to remove the pipe and the roots and replace the sewer line completely. A camera inspection can help the plumber see the problem and know how to repair it.

What are the Signs You Need a Camera Sewer Inspection?

When the drainage or sewer line is clogged and basic unclogging methods fail, often that is when a camera inspection is needed. However, the drainage and sewer system will provide some signs that you have a serious clog and a camera inspection should be used to locate and determine the cause of the clog. Some of the signs that you have a serious clog and you need a camera inspection are:
• Frequent Clogs form Sinks, Toilets, and Drains
• Bad Odors Similar to Rotten Eggs
• Draining Slowly or Drainage Line Backs Up
• Soggy Spots in Your Yard

How Long Do Sewer Scopes Take?

On average a sewer and drainage camera inspection will take about an hour. However, each home’s drainage and sewer system is different. They each will range in size, design and they will develop different problems. A sewer and drainage camera inspection could take longer or be less than an hour. If you need to set a time for an inspection, make sure to give yourself extra time. This ensures the plumber has enough time to inspect your drains and sewer system properly and thoroughly. Once the problem has been located, the plumber will be able to tell how long the repairs will take.

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