What Should You Not Put in a Garbage Disposal Drain in Pleasant Plains, NY? Grease, Oil, Chicken Bones & More

The drains in your home are essential to keeping your home running. When you start to have drain problems, most homeowners are frantically trying to get them fixed and flowing freely as soon as possible. There are several things that you should avoid putting down your drains to help you avoid trouble in the future. The Original $49.95 Plumber is here to talk about things that should never make contact with the drains in your home.

Should You Let Hair Go Down the Drain?

It can be a real challenge to keep hair away from your drains. This is especially true in the bathroom. Hair can present big challenges when it makes its way to your drains though, so it is worth putting forth the effort to keep it out. Putting some sort of drain stopper in your showers and bathtubs to help keep hair out of the drain will do wonders in keeping your drains hair free. Hair can get easily caught on debris that is often found in your drain. Once some hair gets tangled and ensnared in the drains, more hair is attracted to it until finally you are dealing with a huge clog that is both problematic and gross to deal with. Do whatever you can to keep hair away from your drains.

Don’t Put Fibrous Foods in Drain

If you have a garbage disposal, you may think that anything can be sent down the drain to be ground up and flushed away. However, there are several fibrous foods that can cause problems for your drains when they are put in a garbage disposal. You should avoid putting foods like corn husks, asparagus, celery and other similar items down that drain. As those food separate, they can get caught up on the blades of your disposal and cause problems.

Why Fats, Oil & Grease Should Not Be Poured into the Drains?

You should avoid putting any fats, oils, or greases (F.O.G) down any of your drains. Most people know that these substances can solidify in your pipes and create clogs that are difficult to remove. If you are dealing with grease or oils that are liquid, it may be tempting to simply watch them get rushed down the drain, but they can still cause problems later. As they harden inside your pipes, you will find that the water has nowhere to go and you won’t be able to get anything to drain anymore.

Can You Put Chicken Bones & Pits in Garbage Disposal?

Even the toughest garbage disposals shouldn’t be tested with pits and bones. You should know that these things are extremely difficult to grind up and usually even if they can be ground up, they won’t be ground up small enough to go down the drain without causing problems.

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