How Does a Main Sewer Line Get Clogged in Bull’s Head, NY? Heavy Rain, Droughts, Tree Roots & More

There are some factors that can lead to clogs, though summer may seem like a safe time of year for sewer pipes. Though your pipes can be clogged all-year long, there are some elements that can boost the likelihood of clogs during the summer months. With this in mind, we at The Original $49.95 Plumber would like to take the opportunity to share the top ways your sewer pipes can be clogged during the summer in an effort to help you avoid it.

What Causes a Main Sewer Line to Clog?

1) Water Levels in Sewer Decrease Due to Drought. Without much rain, summer can have its dry spells. Making it hard for waste to pass through, the water levels decrease in the sewer system. When rainfall does come, the built-up waste may cause a clog to form if in the event the waste sits for a while.
2) Through Sewer Pipes, Tree and Plant Roots Break. During the summer, plants and trees continue to grow and need moisture. Like sewer pipes, their roots seek out underground water sources. Blocking any water from flowing through and causing destructive damage, the roots can break through older pipes and grow.
3) Sewer Drains Back Up Due to Heavy Rainfall. Sewer systems can be strained by the summer rain showers. Backups may happen in your sewer drains if in the event the sewers can’t keep up with the surge of water. This can make the situation even worse should you have a clog in your drain.

How Do You Know if Your Sewer Line is Clogged?

You may have a sewer clog if you notice any of the signs listed below.
1) In Sinks and Shower, the Water Drains Slow. It may mean you have a clog if in the event you notice your sinks or showers draining slower than normal, or you hear a bubbling or gurgling noise.
2) Backup in the Septic Tank. Should you have a septic tank, inspect to see if there is more green growth above the septic system. There is a backup of water saturating the area is what this indicates.
3) Your Pipes Emit a Bas Smell. Noticing a smell of a foul, rotten egg odor can mean a clog is blocking your pipe from emptying wastewater.
4) Your Sinks are Partially Draining. The liquids drain from sinks and toilets should drain but the solids do not. This suggests that your pipe is probably partially clogged. Before it gets worse it is time to get the clog cleared.

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Should you suspect your sewer is clogged, you are better off calling a professional for quality assistance. When you contact The Original $49.95 Plumber, our experts use camera inspections to locate the exact spot of the clog. We can keep your pipes safe too since we use specialist equipment designed to fully clear drains. If you are in the New York area, you can trust in The Original $49.95 Plumber for your sewer pipe cleaning.

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