When Should I Clean My Clogged Sewer Drains & Lines in Middle Village, Queens, NY?

Sewer drain clogs are a troubling experience to occur inside a home. Sewer drain clogs are a very serious problem. It can lead to sewer drains that will back up into your home and bring out filthy water and human waste. Cleaning up after a sewer back up is a nightmare which is why it should be prevented at all cost. The Original $49.95 Plumber will share a few signs to watch for to know when to have your sewer drains cleaned to prevent a major disaster from occurring in your home.

Multiple Drain Clogs

Have two or more toilet got clogs around the same time ever plagued you? Or has your bath or sink drain appeared to drain slowly at the same time? When your home drainage systems appear to clog at the same time, this is a common sign that your sewer has a clog and needs to be cleaned. Sinks, bathtubs or showers and toilet drains are all part of the sewer drainage system and they may all show signs of a blockage or clog. Some clogs may be minor and may still be allowing the waste to past through. However, clogs will become worse and within a short period of time.

Water Backing Up in Sink, Toilet or Bathtub

Another common sign that there is a clog in the sewer drains is abnormal reactions from your home’s plumbing. One odd or abnormal symptom is when you flush the toilet and the water begins to flow down as it should and then, some water comes up and out of the tub or a sink drain. Another odd occurrence is when you are running the washing machine and a toilet may begin to overflow or the bathtub drain will back up with water. Have you ever washed your hand in your bathroom sink then suddenly your toilet began to back up with more water? These are signs that your sewer drains air filling with air due to a clog or blockage.

Cleaning to Unclog Sewer Lines

In many homes there is a singular sewer connection point where the entire home drains and connects to. In most cases it is the single connection point where most clogs occur. This is why an entire home’s plumbing system will react to the clog. There are times when the clog is located in a single drainage line from a toilet or sink. However, in many cases it is the main drainage line that requires cleaning. If your home is having symptoms of a sewer clog, contact a professional plumbing service. We can inspect and determine the source of the clog and can help clean the sewer line before the entire sewer system backs up into your home.

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If a sewer line backs up inside the home, it can contaminate the home and leave it unfit to dwell in until it is cleaned and disinfected. Treating a home from a sewer contamination is an experience no one wants to have in their lifetime. If your home’s sewer is showing signs of a clog, contact The Original $49.95 Plumber and divert a major disaster from occurring inside your home. Contact The Original $49.95 Plumber and schedule our services today!

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