Should I Get a Sewer Line & Pipe Scope Inspection & Report when Buying a Home in Manhattan, NY

Homeowners have so many things to think about as they strive to maintain their home. Just keeping your house clean inside and out is a feat that keeps families busy on a daily basis. Floors to clean, mirrors to wipe, wood to dust, dishes to clean, and more can keep your head spinning. How often do homeowners think about what is beneath the surface? Your drain and sewer system are something that you use every day. Are they operating smoothly? Many people do not think about their sewer system until they are having a problem. Here at The Original $49.95 Plumber we recommend that you have a drain and sewer line inspection every year. Today we will talk about why you should add this inspection to your yearly calendar.

Sewer Line Inspection Process

Your sewer system is not something that you can inspect without specialized equipment. We use a sewer camera to view your sewer system. We take the sewer camera and connect it to a flexible cable and insert it into your sewer lines. Our plumbers are then able to see exactly what is going on in your pipes while they are standing above ground. With the sewer camera inside your pipes our plumber can tell if your sewer system is not working as it should. If there is drainage or stoppage in your pipes the camera will be able to detect it. Sewer pipes use the law of gravity to function. The water, waste, and debris flow through your pipes in a downhill direction. As it all flows through your sewer system it ends up in a waste treatment center or a septic tank. If there is a stoppage, blockage, tree roots, mud, or broken pipes interrupting the flow in your sewer system the sewer camera inspection will find it.

What Can a Sewer Inspection Tell You?

The sewer inspection camera can tell the plumber more about your sewer system. It can help the plumber locate your plumbing lines. It can also determine if you have PVC or cast iron pipes in your system. The plumber will also be able to see the fittings, tee’s, and other types of connections in your plumbing lines. This can be helpful to know before you begin a remodeling project. If you have lost anything down your pipes our sewer camera can help you find it. Many times we get phone calls from distraught customers who have inadvertently lost something down their pipes. If you have something sentimental or valuable that has unfortunately found itself in your pipes give us a call. We can help you rescue your item. Sewer inspection cameras can detect water leaks. Water leaks can cause thousands of dollars in repairs. Your plumbing system is under your floors and in the walls so fixing that leak can seem like an impossible task. One option to finding the leak is to start tearing up flooring and drywall. This option causes tons of damage and requires lots of repairs. Our camera can be used to locate the leak so help avoid tearing up flooring and drywall in places that are not necessary.

Sewer Line Inspections & More in Staten Island, Maspeth, Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Yonkers, Queens, NYC Boroughs, New York City NY

There are so many advantages to having your drain and sewer lines inspected that we hope that you have decided to call and schedule yours today. The Original $49.95 Plumber would be happy to schedule your appointment today!

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