How to Unclog a Drain in Rossville, NY; Bent Wire Hanger, Boiling Water, Baking Soda & Vinegar, Snake & More

Sometimes when you have a drain that isn’t working well, you may turn to chemicals to get it back up and running in no time. While this may be okay for a short term fix, you will likely find that it clogs again in no time. When you have a clogged drain, it is wiser to actually solve the problem rather than put a band-aid on it. The Original $49.95 Plumber is here to share some hacks that can help you get your drain flowing again in no time.

Bent Wire Hanger to Unclog Drain

When you experience a clogged drain in the bathtub or shower, it is usually caused by hair. If hair is allowed to wash down the drain, it can get caught and start to build the beginnings of a clog. As it gets larger and larger, your drain will start to drain slower and slower. When it isn’t working well, one of the best ways to get the hair out is with a bent wire hanger. Straighten the hanger and make a small hook that can grab the hair and pull it out.

Clear P-Trap in Sink

If you look under your sink, you can usually see the exposed pipes that are underneath it. You should be able to see an S shape. The middle of that S is known as the sink trap. Because of this design, there are debris that can get caught there and cause clogs. Clearing out the trap will get your drain flowing freely again.

Boiling Water Down Drain

When a kitchen sink isn’t draining properly, it can be caused by fats and greases that were washed down the drain. The best way to loosen up that debris is with boiling water. It will dissolve the greases and fats to get your drain working again. This is unlikely to completely clear your clogged drain, but it will significantly help the problem until you can get a professional out to truly fix the problem.

Baking Soda & Vinegar to Clean a Drain

As a kid, we are sure you can remember that science fair project that you did where you added baking soda and vinegar to make an explosion. You can get that same reaction in your drain when you pour baking soda down it and add vinegar. It can be enough to clear the clog, so your drain is working again. You need to use about half a box of baking soda and then add ½ cup of vinegar to get things moving again.

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If you have tried these tricks and still have a drain that isn’t working as it should, you can call on the experts at The Original $49.95 Plumber to get your drain moving again. We know how much a clogged drain can disrupt your day. When you call on us, you can count on getting quick results as we respond quickly to your call. Call us today!

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