Worst Holiday Foods for Garbage Disposal in Tottenville, NY; Grease, Egg Shells, Pasta, Turkey Meat & More

You need to be careful what goes down the garbage disposal. With us in full swing of the holiday season, there will be plenty of big and traditional meals made. You are sure to have lots of leftovers to fill your stomach and your fridge whether it is turkey, ham, stuffing or mashed potatoes. You will have plenty of scraps and waste with all of the food. Unfortunately, not all food can be safely sent down the garbage disposal, you will probably want to get rid of any food that can’t be used. Being that is the last thing you should be worrying about during the holidays, putting the wrong types of food down your disposal may result in you needing costly repairs. To help you avoid the risk damaged or clogged drain, we at The Original $49.95 Plumber would like to share a list of holiday foods that may cause damage to your garbage disposal. Be sure to read the list below before you end up with an expensive plumbing problem.

Fats, Oils, and Grease Clogged Pipes

Chances are you will have a good amount of grease leftover if you are cooking a lot during the holidays. Because they are liquid-like, it seems that putting oils, fats and grease down the drain would be logical, however, harmful clogging in your drains can develop since these items will turn solid in your pipes. Simply collect them in a non-recyclable container and let them cool down to properly dispose of these food byproducts, and the dispose of the container with your normal garbage.

Can You Put Stringy Foods Down Garbage Disposal

There is great trouble that is caused from foods that are string or that are fibrous in nature. Jams and malfunctions are likely since the stringy parts will get tangled in your disposal blades. Be sure to avoid putting these high-fiber foods in your disposal:
– Potato skins
– Corn husks
– Celery
– Carrot peels
– Asparagus

Drains Can Be Blocked by Pasta, Beans & Nuts

Do not put pasta or beans down your drains to avoid having clogging problems during you holidays. It may require a drain cleaning service from the professional plumbers at Original $49.95 -plumber since these foods will cause sludge-like sediment to gather in your drains. It is probably best to avoid these in your disposal while we would love to join your holiday festivities
– Pasta will expand in water and causes blockage
– Nuts
– Green beans
– Coffee grounds

Egg Shells & Turkey Waste Clog Drains

Avoid putting down the drain any turkey bones from your holiday roast. Resulting in a visit from the professionals at The Original $49.95 Plumber for removal if the bigger bones will get stuck and the smaller bones may impair your garbage disposal. Being that it may lead to costly repairs, eggshells will create blockages within your pipe system. Prevent the following foods from going down the drain:
– Eggshells
– Chicken and Turkey Skin
– Bones

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